Thursday, September 21, 2006


Well, I am going to Northern Faire, that's the Renaissance Faire for those not in the know, this weekend. I will be going with Dustapha, and leaving both my BaldGuy and my Bin Diesel at home. I will miss them both terribly. After all, how can Faire be fun without the BaldMan? But I've been dying to go to Northern Faire since I met the BaldMan, at "Southern" Faire, but he just hasn't been up for it. So I boldly go where no BadKitty has gone before.

As those who know me know, I am anxious about all hygiene issues. Sharing a Priv with other people is always a source of anxiety for me. High Anxiety. And the whole shower issue, which I may or may not be able to use alone. How will I deal with my contacts? This will be my first time camping with them. But I shall perservere nonetheless. I am going to have F-U-N. Damn-it! I love Faire, and Northern Faire should be full of cool peeps. I hope to make some new friends, eat some yummy food, and shop for stuff I don't need but will make me smile.

I will post some pix upon my return.