Thursday, October 05, 2006

Positive Reinforcement

Well, I had an excellent time at Northern Faire. Met some nice people and made some new friends. Drank lot's of Chai. Saw the stars. Not such a big deal to some, but when you live in a big city, seeing a lot of stars can be a wonderful, mesmerizing experience.
Had some problems with tummy issues early on, but for all the worrying I did with other issues, I did remarkably well. One problem I did encounter was with the shower situation. The 'camp' showers were designed with taller people in mind, I couldn't reach the handle enough to get more than a trickle. This was highly annoying, I could have done better with a sponge-bath. So that's what I did the next night. Dustapha was great and heated up water for me and everything.
So I am going up again this weekend, and I'm bringing brownies, from scratch. Didn't get to go last weekend cause there was nowhere for me to stay, but I wound up getting a cold on Sunday anyway, so that would have been miserable. Alls well that ends well.
I am excited cause there are people up there looking forward to seeing me. Yay. And I am looking forward to seeing them, hence the brownies. I really like this faire so much more than the one down here. Just need to move I guess.