Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I ordered a new spindle on Ebay. Unfortunately, the wrong picture was displayed, so while I got the spindle in like 3 days, I was completely surprised and disappointed. The one I ordered was a beautiful wood called 'marble wood'. The one I got was a plain brown katalox. It did feel like it would spin wonderfully though. So I sent it back and ordered a different one, not quite as pretty, but we'll see. It should have some nice striations.

I've also ordered some Colinette point5 from Ebay, for a whole lot cheaper than I can get it here. I don't understand that. Even with shipping from England, I can get for half as much. That must be annoying for local yarn shops who are trying to make a living. It annoys me, but I do love this yarn, too much. Yarn, wonderful yarn....
I also got some turquoise mohair from Colinette. I had knitted up a very pretty shawl in this which got stolen from the car. So now I'll make another one.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Modest Endeavors

It's always so hard for me to think of what to say when faced with the blank white page.This is a new attempt at blogging for me, if not the first. Mostly, I think, to keep track of what creative endeavors I am up to.

What I'm working on right now;

  • A block for a wedding blanket for a friend. I'm working with the lovely and ever alluring Rio de La Plata yarn. I might stop here to add that I LOVE THIS YARN. It is a wonderful single ply thick and thin yarn in colors that make my heart sing. It is very similar to Mano's del Uruguay, but a wee bit softer maybe?
  • I have also been teaching myself to spin and have recently purchased a bunch of silk worm cocoons from this lovely person, . I want to make a bag from some roving I purchased that will go with a fairy costume, and add these in for some 'leaf-like' texture.
  • I am halfway done with a shrug when I see a different but similar pattern that I like better in this months new Interweave Knits. Hmmmm, what to do, what to do. I am of course working with the Rio de La Plata in a pink/brown/mauve colorway. Super beautiful.
  • And I have completed knitting, but still have to sew up one fingerless mitt I've made with a green/brown Oddessy. It's cold right now so these would come in handy.