Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I ordered a new spindle on Ebay. Unfortunately, the wrong picture was displayed, so while I got the spindle in like 3 days, I was completely surprised and disappointed. The one I ordered was a beautiful wood called 'marble wood'. The one I got was a plain brown katalox. It did feel like it would spin wonderfully though. So I sent it back and ordered a different one, not quite as pretty, but we'll see. It should have some nice striations.

I've also ordered some Colinette point5 from Ebay, for a whole lot cheaper than I can get it here. I don't understand that. Even with shipping from England, I can get for half as much. That must be annoying for local yarn shops who are trying to make a living. It annoys me, but I do love this yarn, too much. Yarn, wonderful yarn....
I also got some turquoise mohair from Colinette. I had knitted up a very pretty shawl in this which got stolen from the car. So now I'll make another one.

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Yummy Yarn MJ said...

Hey Kris! Just wanted to say hello. Looking forward to seeing your spindle; I hope it'll be a better fit for you than the first one.