Tuesday, August 08, 2006

FaerieWorlds Festival

Back from Oregon and the FaerieWorlds Festival. La-La-Luved Oregon. So nice and green, friendly folks, clean. I want to move there. MyBaldGuy really dug it too, so maybe. Ate mostly vegetarian while there, and I liked it! Yum. If I can manage 'mostly' vegetarian, I would be happy. Gotta get my mind around lovin' the veg. Since my history with vegtables is mostly bad cause my mom used to boil the hell out'a everything, along with all flavor, I need to re-boot.

Anyway, busy, busy little bee I've been making shawls and skirts for costumes. Made a georgeous brown and copper shawl for myself and a copper-orange one for my friend Ivy who went with us. Also made silk and velvet faerie skirts, cut on the bias, a new learning hurdle for me. Ivy helped me with all the sewing. We also drafted out a pattern for a bias camisole, but due to time constraints, we didn't make them. But got an awesome pattern anyway. I happened to find two cami's at LB that were just about perfect color and style wise, so I was set. Though, because Ivy is a perfectionist, and generally plans too many things, we spent trip time working on her costume stuff as well. My little finger can tell you what it feels like to hand stitch a corset cover all by it's lonesome in one day. Though now I can do this! Cool! Love learning new techniques! Maybe I'll become a corsettier! It thrills me when something takes shape like that!

Didn't finnish the bag I was crocheting to go with my costume, but I'm working on it now. My shawls were a big hit, so maybe I'll vend next year. That could be fun. Though I'm not much for camping, maybe we could work out some sort of RV situation. The peeps at the festival were so nice and easy to talk to, it would be nice to hang around, maybe make some new friends, connections.

My next looming project is for a camisole/thong that I purchased the pattern for from http://whiteliesdesigns.com . I plan on making this for a birthday present for a good friend, though I haven't found the yarn yet, so I might have to make it for a Winter Solstice present. I'll make myself one eventually. I also want to make sleeves for a t-shirt. Wild, expansive, expressive sleeves, with ruffles at the wrist.

So thats all for now.

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