Sunday, February 25, 2007


So my creative endeavors lately have been revolving around bellydancing. I've been taking two classes a week since January, and just started rehearsals for the uncoming Tribal Caravan in April. I'm pretty excited actually. More excited than nervous. Our group, the Sisterhood Collective is gonna be huge, so it's not like I'll stick out or anything, but I really like that the women participating will all be different types, body types, ages, ethnicities. We will kind of represent all women, which I think is cool.
I've wanted to dance with a troupe for a long time. I started bellydancing in my early 20's, at least taking classes. But the focus of these classes was Cabaret dancing, and thats a more solo oriented art form. I was never that hot on the idea of being the center of attention, plus my life long fascination/obsession with ethnic cultures/costuming/jewlery and goddess culture made me more inclined to want a dance which was less flash and more folkloric in nature. I couldn't find anyone to teach me that sort of bellydancing back then. Now Tribal Style, or rather American Tribal Style has a following. You can read more about it via that link for FatChanceBellyDance, one of my main inspirations.
You can also see some video of them here; http:// Video I wish was more clear, and in color, but really, one needs to see in person to fully appreciate anyway.
So thats my journey so far. I'm getting geared up for some sewing, and geared up for bearing my belly. Did I mention that this will be my FIRST public performance? Oy! But I'm gonna have fun!

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thatbaldguy said...

Go MoorChilde, go! Can't wait to see you on stage!